Anywhere But Here, 2016

Found and altered objects assemble into precarious sculpture, transforming elements of my plein air painting practice into physical form. This immersive environment sits between the realms of imagination and reality, at once, reflecting my perceptions of the surrounding landscape and proposing new and elaborate built environments. Projections refract through the space, animating and saturating the assembled, cut, stacked, taped, and tied materials.

18 x 22 x 12 feet

Materials: canvas, gesso, oil paint, acrylic paint, spray paint, rope, wire, cinder block, reflective tape, aluminum tape, acrylic dowels, tile spacers, LED string light, metal, buoy, plastic plants, holographic foam core, fan, lights, acrylic plastic sheeting, milk crate, zip ties, electrical tape, broom handle, netting, wood dowels, PVC tubing, masking tape, frosted mylar acetate, hub cap, paint chips, spray foam, resin

Technical requirements: 2 projectors, speaker, iPod