Crossing, 2017

Construction materials and found objects fuse with elements of painting, projection, sound and light to expand the painting Crossing(2016) into an elaborate three-dimensional environment. Sights of tall grass, and chirping birds are disrupted by the blasting horn of a passing train, and the flashing lights of a railroad crossing. The viewer’s presence activates a series of motion sensors, shifting the environment between two ephemeral states. Arduino microcontrollers sync a red flashing light in the center of the installation to the same motion sensors controlling the projections. The duality of this work – expressed through changes in narrative, contrasting colours, and the substitution of natural materials for those of our built environment - explores the ways in which landscape becomes objectified through practices of simplifying and symbolizing.

9 x 9 x 12 feet

Materials: acetate, adhesive vinyl, aluminum tape, bicycle reflectors, buoy, cinder block, electrical tape, fan, foam, fishing rope, fishing wire, flooring underlayment, frosted mylar, grommets, holographic foam core, holographic tinsel, hub cap, led string lights, lightbulb, metal, paint chips, plastic plants, plastic stir sticks, plasticine, plywood, pulley, PVC tubing, resin, spray foam, spray paint, string, sound, tarps, video, wire, wood dowels, wood pallets, zip ties.

Technical Requirements: Arduino UNO, motion sensor, AC switch module, projector, mac mini, speakers, Max 8