> 2020 // Visitors, Saint John, NB.

Out of place, in disarray, not belonging. Objects mis-used, discarded, and collected. Defined by industry. Materials altered through recombination. Iconographic; descriptors of landscape. Memories magnified by representation. Abandoned attempts at mimicry. Of place, of home. Muscle memory. Well tread. Familiar. Distorted.

This body of work explores social attitudes towards landscapes and the tradition of landscape painting in art. Paintings and sculptures deconstruct views of well known scenery and common found objects from my experiences growing up in New Brunswick. The essential components of landscape and figurative painting are remixed, blending the natural and manufactured, the perceivable and imagined, to reflect on ways we shape and percieve the surrounding environment.

This exhibition was made possible thanks to travel funding from Conseil des Arts ets des Lettres, and was exhibited at Visitors in Saint John, NB, February - June 2020. 

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