Artist Statement

My practice explores interactions of natural and manufactured landscapes through painting, installation, and new media. With a specific interest in the dichotomies of rural and urban spaces, I use material and perceptual processes to engage with passive and active traditions of observing landscape. This allows me to consider how memory, nostalgia, philosophies of the sublime, and qualities of aestheticism contribute to ongoing histories of colonization, exploitation, and urbanization. Building an evolving dialogue between perceptual explorations of my surroundings and my studio practice, I am concerned with how experiences are magnified by their documentation, and how capturing my surroundings affects my ability to later recall sights from memory. Found materials and personal experiences guide my studio experimentations, where I engage in an intuitive process of observational and reactive creation methods.

Using simplified and symbolized objects, materials, and iconography; my work finds repose when invention disrupts abandoned attempts at mimicry. Walking between figurative and abstract, physical and digital, fact and fiction, the painted, drawn, projected, and assembled elements allow for a repurposing of the “seeing” process, to create distorted representations of my experienced environments in two and three dimensions. This fragmented method of realization alludes to processes of memory while also deconstructing traditional representations of landscape in art. Having limited access to industrial materials and equipment has galvanized my interest in collecting and manipulating found elements. Choosing materials by combing both natural and constructed spaces for new possibilities, my work emulates textures, colours and shapes from my surroundings. Final works are presented as synthesized spaces, echoing possibilities of site-specificity. Acknowledging the collective subjectivity within this, demonstrates how nature can become objectified through recollection, documentation, and recombination. By manipulating materials and the presentation of landscape images, I consider how inhabited environments are perceived, and affected by the materials that make up these spaces.