Memory Management Unit

VJing + visual installation 

aka @glitchbitttch

Memory Management Unit is an audiovisual installation and performance project by Hailey Guzik. Using visual programming, lighting, and 3D graphics, MMU creates portals to otherworldly spaces, mapping virtual memories to physical experiences. Drawing on embodied notions of looking, sensing, and remembering, their process combines painting, 3D modeling, video sampling, and audio-reactive effect modulation. Through a technological expansion of their plein air painting practice, recontextualized imagery of natural and built environments merge to form ephemeral planes and immersive dancefloor installations that explore connotations of placemaking in relation to music.

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+ recent

01.07.2023    Salle de Sports, Montreal,QC.
24.06.2023    Hyperportal @ Osstidburn, QC, in collaboration with Space Graft.
16.06.2023    Everyseeker @ The Khyber, Halifax, NS.
22.04.2023    You Only Twirl Around @ YOTA, Montréal, QC.
25.03.2023    Hilaria @ YOTA, Montréal, QC.
31.12.2022    Homegrown Harvest @ Edifice Wilder Espace Danse, Montréal, QC.
18.11.2022    OMNI @ SpaceLab, Montreal, QC.
23.10.2022    E-Space Cafe, Montreal, QC.
10.09.2022    Systeme Boheme @ Camp HOSTÝN, St. Calixte, QC.
23.07.2022    Spud Fest, Souris, PEI.